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    The infamous battery issue - ROG G751JY

    As my battery failed (0% will not charge, shuts off randomly) I searched around and found the link to the Zandparts website. Contacted them when the batteriy will be back in stock, it wont they said because ASUS stopped selling them so I contacted ASUS. They will not help me out.

    So I paid about $2000 for this laptop and now after three years it's getting close to being useless. Because of a battery. The laptop itself works fine but unfixable thanks to good ol' ASUS. Sure one may think "lolz it's three years old bruh buy a new one scrub" but I think it's pretty ridiculous that there's a simple solution impossible (as it seems atm) to utilize.

    Has someone bought a battery by another manufacturer that works? Thanks in advance

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