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    While I am not a long-time ASUS fan, I was a long-time Gigebyte fan who got frustrated by the X370 Gigabyte Gaming 5. Bugs, features advertised but not implemented, driver problems, etc. So I ditched Gigabyte for ASUS only to see similar, though fewer, issues. I have come to realize they are all the same. I have read enough MSI forums to know they complain as well. Blame the age old enemy of engineers - marketing. I don't believe you can find a perfect system. Yes, ASUS needs to have more updates but that's true of all manufacturers. Development of new boards is put ahead of development of features advertised in boards already released. Because they have your money- why should they work on something you naively believed was available out of the box. I'm still happier with the C7H than I was with the Giga Gaming 5. Maybe some time next year or so they will get around to adding a feature they promised was already available.

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    Accessory #3 Synology DS116

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    From what I have been reading elsewhere, it seems the Engineers are up to their necks dealing with Intel problems!

    Speaking of which (Intel probs). That was the reason I switched to AMD (a 1GHz Thunderbird lol) and I've never looked back!
    I am confident things will improve, might take a little time though (months). When I got my first Ryzen and CH6 at launch last year, I fully expected to replace one, or both, within a year due to them being upgraded.

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    I came from an intel board. The Rampage Formula IV. Look how long the BIOS support lasted.

    3 years of updates. This was part of my buying decision to go with Asus again because the support from ASRock was unknown. If my Crosshair 7 gets 1 year only of updates then I'm done as a customer.

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    KillerGamerCat PC Specs
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    OS Windows 10 Pro 1803

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    I agree. The software support sucks compared to other Vendors. This is my last Asus product.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emmily View Post
    I'm looking for a new GPU like VEGA 64 or maybe 2070 no way to pick ASUS anymore, also Zen2 and a new mainboard. I'll pick a flagship from Gigabyte instead.
    I just came from from a Gigabyte AUROS Gaming 7 Wifi. The BIOS is awful the updates caused massive system instability. Support was an awful experience as well. So much so that I returned it and with the Crosshair VII Hero. I was a long time fan of Gigabyte but never really had a reason for it other then relatively good experience with 2 motherboards previously.

    I am not going to say Asus support is perfect lord knows I have had some challenges with them too, just want to say the grass is not always greener. That said best of luck.*

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