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    Updates not working properly (EZ Update and Grid)

    There are a few problems with updates I've been experiencing.

    1. EZ Update has the update count wrong. I did an update check and it showed two updates in the selection area but said "There are 5 item(s) to update".

    2. The items that require update differs between EZ Update and Grid (beta). EZ Update found two items (Aura and Intel Lan driver) whereas Grid found only one (Aura) and says I already have the latest Intel Lan installed.

    3. Grid also had a bunch of other utility updates that weren't listing in EZ Update (like ROG Connect, AI Charger, etc. However, they're all items I chose not to install so maybe EZ Update doesn't even check for them?

    4. After the update I rebooted and if I check again it still shows that I'm using old versions of both Aura and Intel Lan in EZ Update. In Grid it says I have the correct version of Intel LAN but Aura is old. I'm not sure whether it's successfully installing but the apps are reporting wrongly or whether the installs are failing. I see no errors when doing the updates. I've tried to manually check the Aura version but it doesn't appear to have proper versioning information in the EXE so I'm not sure which version is installed. As for the Intel Lan driver, when I check device manager it's still showing the old version not the version that is supposed to be installed. So it looks like it's not actually installing the Lan driver, or maybe it is but Windows is immediately overriding it?

    The first couple problems are minor, but I am worried that I have the wrong drivers installed and there doesn't seem to be a way to update them. I'm not sure where EZ Update or Grid store the updates temporarily when the do an update to try manually selecting the LAN driver. I'd expect EZ Update and Grid to both report the same updates required. I'd also expect them to correctly install (or report a failure if the install doesn't work).

    Running Windows 10 Pro and using a Crosshair VII Hero with Ryzen 2700x.

    Screenies pre and post update

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