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    ASUS ROG Scar Edition, better screen calibration software?

    Hello, long time lurker, first time caller.

    I purchased an ASUS ROG Scar Edition a few weeks ago and I love the laptop. The build, screen size, etc are everything that I wanted. However, the screen calibration software is basically just 6 presets and they're all fairly terrible. The gamma and/or contrast (not sure how each one works) is way too high and it makes everything look really cloudy. The colors seem accurate according to my testing, but I can't get the brightness/contrast/gamma right.

    The problem is that there two ways to do so on the laptop, the Nvidia settings and Windows 10's native calibration tool. I get a warning about wide color gamut mode and how I shouldn't mess with it in Windows. The Nvidia settings are promising, but the screen is either so dark that it starts to crush details (like you'd see when the gamma is too low), or so cloudy that blacks appear gray.

    I'm not 100% certain if I have a dud or not, but I feel like a better screen calibration tool (maybe with its own set of gamma/brightness/contrast/etc sliders and an RGB slider) on this thing that integrates with the existing presets would be a more palatable solution than picking a preset and then messing around with Nvidia's settings, trying to get the screen to look "crisp".

    Thank you.

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