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    GL504GS helpful fix for heat/throttling while gaming

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post. I've repasted my Scar 2 three times. First using Noctua NT-H2 and Arctic thermal pads for the vrms and mosfets. Helped only by a couple degrees and still throttled and reached 90s. Tore it apart repasted with Gelid GC Extreme and Thermal grizzly pads. Reached 90s faster and more frequently. Tore back apart and went back to using Noctua 2. Temps dropped back down again but still reached 90s and throttling. I've read about liquid metal but don't want to attempt using it and have something short out wether it be my fault or the liquid metals fault. And the last effort left besides trying to replace the fans with faster ones is use Throttlestop WHICH i have been hesitant about using bc from research sounds a little complicated to use but it actually wasn't. If you're like me and reading this and thinking like i always have "oh boy another throttlestop solution" (something i was reluctant to try) it's really not that bad BUT most importantly i use it differently. I tried undervolting which is really only ticking 2 boxes and moving a slider. Either way it didn't work for me. I started at -100mv and blue screen after a couple minutes. Tried -90mv blue screen after about 5 min. Now most research i've read ppl can get up to -135 or better. I can only get -79mv which is worthless and doesn't help at all. So after this long post im at the point of the story. I fixed my problem by using only one setting in throttlestop. Speedshift epp. Click in the box and set it to 110 (my preference) this allows the cpu to reach about 3.6 max which is close enough and keeps temps no higher than about 83c. Yes it's not full speed but while gaming on max settings GTA5 it's almost close enough. And it's better than using windows power plan of performance which locks it at full speed only to throttle bc of heat or to use balanced which locks it at half speed of only 2.1 the higher the speed the more fps. So repaste didn't help. Undervolting didn't help. You can tweak the speedshift numbers while in game and save to achieve the speed and temp you are ok with and just save it and set to run on minimized at startup. Id like to find better internal fans or better heatsink if anyone can recommend. I prefer not ti use a program to make it run this way. For those of you that see these "-120mv" and all that don't be discouraged just download the program and tick the seedshift box and type in 110 and be done. And yes bottom line 8750h is too much for the cooling they use. Hope this wad helpful to someone and saves you time!

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