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    Notebook SMART status bad

    I sent my laptop in for repair in July due to it not booting past the BIOS screen. It said the SMART status was bad. They replaced hard drive and sent it back to me. The same issue has happened again already. I chatted with someone from customer service but they were not helpful. I can't understand how me sending the laptop in for repair is going to prevent the problem from happening again. This laptop cost me $1100, which I understand is peanuts to some people but not to me. It's a lot of money. The original one year warranty is going to be up in October. They mentioned a 90 day warranty past the repair but that is not making me feel very secure. To me, that isn't much of a guarantee should this happen again. What can I do? An $1100 laptop should last for years. I NEED this laptop to last for years. I don’t know what else to do.

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