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    Lightbulb Asus Strix Soar issue

    I bought an Asus Strix Soar and i can't plug headphones to it normal. When i plug them to card, it delete headphones from system like device that can be plug in or just ignore and don't see them. When i try choose headphonse in soar program, program choose spdif like default output, but if i choose ASIO output in player, headphonse start play musiv,but others apps try to play sound from spdif. What to do with this?

    Upd. When i turn on pc with poweroff speakers, Windows found hadphones, but now when i turn on speakers, system didn't find them and trying choose them in sonar program turn spdif as default output

    Upd 2. If I choose device that windows don't find(headphones or speakers) and reboot Windows, then it appear in windows, but loose that work previous. Does this card can't switch beetwen headphones and speakers in realtime mode, like built-in audiocard?
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    Hi paradise90,

    Do you plug the headphone to the Strix Soar and plug the speaker to the rear port of your motherboard meanwhile and want to switch them via settings?
    Please plug the headphone to the front port of your motherboard and plug the speaker to the Strix Soar and check again.
    Thank you.

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