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    Post ASUS ROG G20AJ wonít boot, black screen

    DISCLAIMER: I donít know much about computers. I know what components do what but thatís about it. None of the fancy technical stuff. Even opening up a computer feels like expert level stuff to me.

    I have an ASUS ROG G20AJ-B07 desktop. For the past 5-6 weeks itís been having issues booting up. Sometimes when I turn it on the LEDs and fans will turn on for 2 seconds, turn off for 4-5 seconds, then on again for 2 seconds. I will have a black screen and no signal to my keyboard or mouse. Eventually it will turn on (usually to the BIOS menu, in the past it went straight to Windows), after several attempts, after which it will work fine. Sometimes when it doesnít boot, the cpu fans will spin and sometimes not.
    The only thing Iíve changed about it from when I got it (used) is upgraded the GPU from a GTX 750 to a GTX 950. Itís functioned fine until now.
    The other day (Sept 2) I turned it on w/ the 950 in it and got a black screen. I tried with no dedicated GPU and it booted normally. This led me to believe that the GPU is the issue, but Iím not sure at all. My BIOS (currently version 0401) is nowhere near up-to-date, and the ROG menu says there are no critical updates available. I donít know if thatís causing the problem, or if the computer is just old. Iím wondering if this is worth fixing or if I should just buy something new. The thing sort of turns on only when it wants to.

    So far I have:
    - Cleaned out the PCI-e port with air, and cleaned GPU riser card
    - Reset settings in BIOS, and manually using the CLRTC pins
    - Turned on with no dedicated GPU

    Monday (Sept 3) it booted to BIOS twice, but nothing past that. Yesterday (Sept 5) it did the same thing, and booted to Windows after I was done with the BIOS. Today (Sept 6) I noticed that the fans seem to spin a little slower than normal when doing anything. Iíve used SpeedFan in the past to try and get them to spin faster and itís worked okay, but not now.

    TL;DR, computer wonít boot most of the time, when it does it seems to be fine. BIOS problem, hardware, or something else? Is it worth saving a 4 year old computer when I could buy/build a new one?

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