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    Exclamation ROG GL752V Battery Problems

    Hey all,

    Got a serious battery problem here, and after browsing the internet and forums for hours, I'm pretty certain that my laptop isn't recognising that there is a battery inside itself.
    The problems I'm experiencing are:
    My laptop doesn't turn on without a charger
    When the charger is connected, the computer turns on by itself (even if it's been shut off properly before)
    If I pull out the charger, it instantly turns off
    The battery doesn't charge at all (sometimes says plugged in, charging or sometimes plugged in, not charging)

    It's a slightly new laptop (only has been a year, though tbh I think this problem existed way before- I used this plugged in all the time last year, and now in uni I noticed this while trying to use it unplugged, but some of the problems mentioned above did happen occasionally that I just looked over).

    Would this be a battery problem, or the software (or perhaps, even the charger)?? I used Windows 8, then updated to Windows 10 hoping it would fix it (didn't), I tried the remove battery driver and reinstalling it in device manager, altered battery settings, nothing worked

    If it is the battery, then I'd simply go to a service centre (it has integrated battery so the laptop has to be opened up and I can't do it myself), but I heard that if it's the software problem, then changing the battery won't fix it, and I'd be wasting money on a problem without remotely fixing it.

    Any help on this? Any steps I could take that may fix this problem? Please!

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    Battery is dead. The battery protection circuitry has rendered it dead, and has killed it. Replace it. I know, its not right, but I just went through all that nonsense.

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