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    Exclamation Two Aura & USB 3.1 Gen 2 Bugs on STRIX Z370-E

    I've come here to report two issues regarding the STRIX Z370-E Gaming - only reporting them together because perhaps they're related.

    I preface this by saying I'm running the latest BIOS/UEFI at default settings, and Windows 10 LTSB fully updated.

    The nature of these issues are of the hard-to-explain sort, so bear with me.

    ISSUE 1: USB 3.1 Gen 2 (Red) Ports Do Not Work Properly

    Upon boot, it appears that devices connected to the USB Gen 2 ports do power-on. However, this effect is temporary and they shut-off once the ASUS splash screen into Windows shows. I cannot get these devices to work during actual use of the system, they only temporarily flash-on at boot and that's it.

    As I said, my BIOS are unmodified, but I still checked the USB settings. All USBs are enabled. Thus, disablement is not the issue.

    ISSUE 2: Attempting To Disable USB Charging Disables ASUS Aura RGB Strip In The Motherboard

    To be clear, by USB charging I mean that I wanted to stop my devices from having power flowing to them when the PC is in the "off" state. I posted to reddit about it and I forget what setting they said it was, but I do remember that I had to set it to "S4/S5" or "S5" and I tried both.

    The only result was that it failed to do what he said it would, but for some reason it completely shut-off the RGB strip inside the motherboard instead. Naturally since none of that was the result I had hoped for, I reverted the changes back to default.

    So that's the issues explained. I may make a video to better illustrate the points later.

    Like I said, I figured I'd report both together because I feel like they might be related. I have a feeling like perhaps something in the motherboard or the BIOS/UEFI programming is crossed or in the wrong order. I mean, why would disabling USB Charging not only fail to achieve the intended result, but ALSO cause the RGB strip to be disabled instead? It's as if the BIOS thinks the RGB strip IS the USB or something and disabled the wrong thing. I dunno...

    I've seen some other threads regarding USB 3.1 Gen 2 not working as well as issues with the Aura strip on this particular board as well. I feel like maybe ASUS should take a look at their programming in the BIOS for these, especially any code that handles both the USB ports and the RGB strip together.

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