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    Broadwell E users watch out for Windows 10 KB4100347 update


    I wanted to warn you guys for Windows 10 update KB4100347 ( Intel CPU Microcode update) this one Kills UEFI Bios overclock.
    Before the update my system was running 4.2Ghz on all cores but after this update the Cpu runs Default 3.7 all cores with 1*Core @ 4Ghz, so yes Default spec..

    I'm running a Rampage V Edition 10 with Bios 1801 (latest none beta).. i don't know how the systems reacts for the peeps that got the Beta 1902 installed ?
    but i will wait until it is official non beta before i flash it.

    For now i uninstalled KB4100347 and used the Microsoft Windows update Hide tool to keep it from updating.
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