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    Code 0E Load VGA Bios

    I have a Asus X399 extreme mobo with a Titan V GPU and 1200W EVGA P PSU.
    Works great, no issue

    Just purchased a 2nd GPU, Nvidia RTX 2080 and want to have a 2nd GPU running on my rig

    However, when I install the 2nd GPU and boot, I always get a Code OE error and can't even get into BIOS

    What I tried

    1- Clearing CMOS

    2- Booting again with just the TitanV in PCIE slot 1 to confirm everything still works

    3- Booting with ONLY my new RTX 2080 in PCIE slot 3 to confirm it boots (yes)

    4- Swapping the power card to GPU's

    My best guess is that I need to change something in my BIOS in order to boot with a 2nd GPU

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
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