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    Drivers listed for my Crosshair VI Extreme are a mess

    I have an Asus Crosshair VI Extreme mobo and I just clean installed my Windows 10 Home 64 bit. I'm going down the drivers list on the Asus product page and got to the 'Utilities' section. Which is very confusing and poorly laid out and explained.
    I don't want to install all the random crap that I will never use. But I do want the latest AI Suite software. However, I'm not sure which file that is.

    It looks like the latest AI Suite might be AI Suite 3 and is listed as version 3.00.13 dated to Jan 16, 2018. It also seems to suggest that it includes 'Dual Intelligent Processors 5 v1.05.13'.

    Three spots above the AI Suite file there is a newer Dual Intelligent Processors version listed. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to install that after/on top of AI Suite 3 or what. ???

    I'm not sure if I need to installed the 'AMD Raid Configuration Driver' listed in the Utilities section or not.

    There's a 'SATA' section which has one RAID driver listed. I'm not sure if I need that or not.

    There's two drivers in the 'USB' section. Not sure if I should install both or not.

    It also seems like the chipset driver they have listed is from February 24 this year which would make it really out of date. When I was looking for a newer version of the chipset driver on the AMD website it's showing a chipset driver available from Sept 4th 2018. There are also a bunch of RAID drivers there, but I don't know if I need them.

    Asus does an incredibly poor job at laying these drivers out in a clear and understandable. It shouldn't be this confusing.
    Edit: When I went to install the chipset driver from the AMD website this happened. I don't know what this means.

    Edit 2: When I click the left side it says this and when I click the right side it says this.

    Edit 3: When I click custom install on the right side it shows these options. Should I be installing the 'Balanced Power Plan'? I thought Windows had integrated this already a while ago?

    Edit: I cannot figure out how to install AI Suite 3. Every filed that I download ends up just being "EZ Update" or "Dual Inteligent Processors 5". Where is the latest AI Suite 3 file?

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