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    I have an Asus Strix RTX2080ti OC
    I fitted an EK WB to it - frankly it was crap, I refitted it half a dozen times and the best I could get off it was 72deg C

    In an effort to find a resolution I contacted EK and after half a dozen email exchange gave up - the support is non existent and the idiot at the other end was asking me to jump through ever increasingly unreasonable stupid hoops, eventually I even offered to send the block to them for testing at my own expense - The silence was deafening
    For me buying EK was an expensive waste of £500 and I feel ripped off

    I hasten to add I did my homework and followed the instructions to the letter and this included removing spacers from the EK water block as well as they still do not make them to fit a Strix properly.
    All of the other components in the custom loop were from EKWB and the lot now sits in my bottom drawer gathering dust
    Am I annoyed - yes*

    I would not piss on an EK waterblock if it was on fire - which frankly it is very likely to do after my experience, the support is non existent and bordering on rude and certainly the guy I spoke to was a condescending dickhead

    So I would be very interested in buying an RTX 2080ti Poseidon if one appeared - possibly two
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