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    Quote Originally Posted by ImpulsePie View Post
    Is anyone willing to test the new re-released 1809 update and see if theyíre still having issues with sleep/wake? I just recently reinstalled 1803 and donít wanna go through the whole rigmarole again if itís not fixed, I rely on having my PC being able wake reliably from sleep.*
    Okay - I just spent the whole day working on this. I'm getting the Internal Power Error blue screen every time I wake from sleep with 1809 on my Asus ROG Z370-E motherboard. Latest BIOS (1601, 10/23), latest Nvidia drivers (416.94), latest everything in fact.

    I tried updating first, then tried doing a clean install of Windows 10 1809 - both times going to sleep and waking results in a blue screen.

    I've seen some reports that the Samsung NVME drivers might cause this, so I uninstalled them (I have a 960 EVO). I also have an Intel Optane 900p as my boot disk, so I removed those as drivers as well. No dice.

    Hoping someone finds what driver or setting is borking things...this is weird stuff.

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