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    we have 2 of these motherboards and one is experiencing this. We have unplugged unneeded drives. We have upgraded and down graded Bios

    We are not overclocking nor tweaking anything in bios

    Posting here so I get alerts

    Keep the ideas coming

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    Carlyle2020 PC Specs
    MotherboardAsus Maximus XI APEX
    Processorgaming9900ks@5.2/avx 0/ adaptive vcore / 1.35+0.020 offs/LLC5/ac ll 0.01/TVB off/power saving on
    Memory (part number)Gskill 4400 CL16 /65k r /65k w / 60k c
    Graphics Card #13080 ftw ultra /pads on backplate
    Sound CardXonar STXII mods:3xLME 49720NA
    MonitorLG 38GL950G / -HDR / +madVR
    Storage #12TB 970evo plus nvme
    Storage #21TB 960evo nvme +2x 1tb evo 860 hw-sata-raid
    CPU Coolerarctic freezer II 280
    CaseUnique Silverstone FT2 dampened up the wazoo V2.0
    Power SupplySeasonic TX-850
    Keyboard Cherry KC 1000 on top of a cherry MX1 for ergonomics :)
    Mouse MX Master 3
    Headset Sennheiser PC360 + Philips X2HR
    Headset/Speakers A250 / cause LG was stingy
    OS Win 10 64bit
    Network Routeryeah right...
    Accessory #1 Silverstone EBA01 headphone stand / black
    Accessory #2 radio Keyfob to turn on and off
    Accessory #3 4 bay fantec /10tb red/+scrap

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    Mar 2018

    LLC5 i hope?
    adaptive or manual vcore?
    what does the windows event viewer say on the timestamp of the last crash?
    Have you setup VCCIO and SystemAgent yourself already?
    Have you switched ram sticks?
    Did you run 16Gb only as a test?
    Did you check evgas forum for your specific psu and if others mention similar issues?
    The cpu is set to 140%; the ram to 130%?
    Did you set the idle vcore already? 1.050
    What does typhoon burner reveal about the ram die?

    ...and if water is involved ... make a macro video with the mobile and check for the unthinkable.

    5.3 breaks 2 more auto settings which you better research in this forum since i simpy draw blanks.

    Good Luck !
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    Quote Originally Posted by akw143 View Post
    Hey all,

    I've been dealing with an intermittent issue for the past couple of months, sometimes I think I've fixed it, but so far it's always come back over about the past 3 months.

    Basically, my PC runs perfectly 99% of the time, games very well, crushes benchmarks, is stable as a rock (except for in certain scenarios - which we'll get to), and all around great.

    However, I run into issues at or near idle with the CPU. I get a complete hard freeze after about 10-30 minutes of idle or light loads (YouTube, browsing the web, chatting on Discord, etc.). Hard freeze meaning a complete lock up, no BSOD, no warnings or error messages, just a complete lock up including KB+M, even the reset button doesn't work - I have to hold down the power button to shut down completely.

    Specs for reference:

    Maximus X Hero (Wifi AC)
    i7 8700k
    32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB @ 3600 XMP
    EVGA 1080ti SC Black Edition Gaming

    Hi, I'm having same issue

    Asus Maximus X Code
    I7 8086K
    32GB GSKILL F4-3600C19D-32GVRD CL 19-20-20-40 3600mhz 4x8gb but also have tried
    16GB GSKILL F4-3200C16D-16GVRD CL 16-18-18-38 3299mhz 2x8gb A2 & B2
    PSU EVGA 1000 (2years old)
    NVIDIA GIGABYTE GTX-1070 (Swapped out 5100 pro WX) didn't help
    Corsair RGB 360mm Liquid Cool
    Corsair 500 case
    Quick note on RAM on first set, this Ram was bought for my ASUS Maximus X APEX, which was supposed to support that model
    yet I never got it working hence buying new RAM. I built three PC Asus Maximus X Apex, Asus Maximus X Formula & Asus Maximus X Code.

    When building the Apex & Formula gave me trouble but I got them working, but the Code was a breeze, until I did a BIOS update. Then I had the same problem freezing, usually before windows would load. I got BIOS 2203 to work. Yet the freezing reappeared after a year+, more likely because of recent windows update.

    I agree with the person that comment "it's likely a RAM issue", because I had to set everything by hand the second & third time to get BIOS 1603 & 2203 to work, unfortunately I didn't record the original BIOS version. Post windows update freezing I updated to 2503 as last resort attempt to fix. Yet I have freezing despite tweaking BIOS similar to BIOS 1603 & 2203, also having the Asus Maximus X Code has Memory button, using that button to find good timing for RAM timing doesn't work. ** Additional note** Prior to freezing post windows update, it would freeze if computer went to sleep, it wouldn't wake.

    If we rule out the RAM, what else could it be?

    As original Poster said, it does seem...that something happens when computer switches or starts to idle, then it freezes. It might be a driver issue too. Yet my experience has been, this get so bad eventually you'll try a fresh windows install and then either it's fixed or you cannot load windows correctly because of system crashes. Right now I cannot load Windows because I cannot get a stable PC, I guess I can download BIOS 2203 or BIOS 1603 and start there again but my tweaks for 2203 & 1603 aren't working on BIOS 2503??

    Again if not RAM, what else could this be? If BIOS 2203 & 1603 worked should BIOS 2503 work? Otherwise there's another problem.

    I doubt this has happened but I'm wondering if I should just re-paste the CPU to water cooler. I know computer pre-windows update ran hot because of these freezes, yet windows install was half done and stuck, also by hot I mean 70c?? Both my APEX & Code run 55-66C with water cooling, only my Formula runs 35-45C with water cooling. I guess my point is if it over heated then it was only once.

    I've put about three straight days in on this and still scratching my head, nevermind at least additional 10 days if you include BIOS 1603 & 2203.

    Other ideas away from RAM or ideas to solve the RAM timing issue either are helpful yet as for RAM and RAM timing almost all have been tried??? Blowtorch anyone?? Because it's driving me crazy

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