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    Quote Originally Posted by dyymeek View Post
    I have this problem aswell and even made a topic about it-
    First I was testing with Firefox and it was bugged- SS3 just stopped working at some point and I had to create a new tab or restart my browser. Now I have this problem in Google Chrome and it's even worse, because it's harder to 'fix'. In Firefox creating a new tab was enough, meanwhile in Chrome I need to experiment- unplugging headphones and waiting like 5secs, then plugging again or reseting Chrome Browser. Sonic Studio 3 always works when I'm displaying movies from my HDD, there's no problem, but when it comes to Chrome and Firefox it's just a mess, seems like connection between SS and application just stops working.
    Waiting for a fix.
    So then it must be a Windows 10 thing.
    This is super frustrating because when I'm gaming or on discord having the volume just randomly get quiet is super annoying.

    What bothers me most is I've tried just using the base realtek drivers without ss3 and I can't because the sound quality and even volume ends up being trash.

    Someone if you have a fix please let us know.

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