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    Question ROG Maximus VII Hero Z97 starts ONLY after heated with a hair dryer

    Hi guys, please help !

    I have a desktop 4 years old:

    Mobo ROG Mazimus Hero VII Z97
    CPU i7-4790k socket 1150
    RAM 4x8 DDR3 Kingston Fury
    PSU BeQuiet PurePower 730W
    GPU Asus Strix Nvidia GeForce 970GTX
    OS Windows 7 Pro 64 bit (genuine).

    Since build, with brand new components, the rig was perfectly stable. No problems, except 2-3 times last summer when it shutdown during a gaming session, probably overheating. But rebooted without incidents.
    Last week, Monday morning, problem - the system would not boot ! All lights on the mobo, all fans working (including the CPU's one). Qcode: infamous 00. And the CPU_led on.
    I have retried many, many, many times. Nothing. Same 00, same CPU_led red light.
    Next day, after I saw on internet, I heated the mobo less than 2 min with a hairdryer. Miracle, perfect boot, perfect POST ! No more OO code, no more Q-Leds on the mobo.
    So, since then, I have to start my rig with a hair dryer...
    It works without any problems. Yesterday it was on for almost 12 hours, including 2 gaming sessions. No errors, no crashes, nothing wrong at all... Temperatures fine: mobo max.39 Celsius, CPU 33-38 C, VRM 38-42 C, GPU 40-46 C but up to 65-70 C during gaming. Never OC it ! I did not move it or handle it improperly. I did not install anything on it lately.
    Restarting from Windows works, but if I shut it down, will not come up without some heat from a hair dryer.
    All checks and troubleshooting I did on it give OK results ! Except one: when troubleshooting with Windows, config a device-->problems found-->harware changes might not have been detected-->detection details-->Windows version 6.1 and architecture AMD64 (really, AMD64 ? Should it be like that ? Not Intel ? ). But if I scan for hardware devices, results nothing.
    Since no other problems detected, I did not try to remove components one by one etc. etc. Nor did I removed the BIOS battery.
    Now, it is true that before the fail, the cold boot in the morning took a bit longer than 2 years ago (but I thought that it's normal, since many Windows upgrades). It is also true that shutting down from Windows took also a bit longer -some 10-15 seconds longer that normal use to be. Capacitor issue ?
    Drivers are updated. Except the Intel(r)Management Engine Interface. And the BIOS. I have the 2012 version (since october 2014). The last BIOS should be version 3201 (from 2017, or even 3503, but this one is a beta). Since I never had problems, I did not consider to update the BIOS. Is this important in this case ?

    Now guys, what can it be ? Maybe the PSU does not give enough power for a cold start ? Something about a contact (heating mobo=dilatation) ? But where ? Can it be the CPU ? Then, why works without problems after start ? One more thing, when shutting down from the Windows, not only that it takes longer, but the Q_led shows again 00 before all lights go off. But no other Q_leds on.
    I really care about this rig and I do not want to change it .
    Of course, I indent to go to a professional but I want to firstly know what about can be.
    Sorry for the above might be mistakes, English is not my native language and thank you in advance for your brainstorming

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    Well I would try another psu first. Code 00 is a dead cpu or no powered cpu. If this isn’t working then put your mobo into the oven (you can google it) could be a cold solder joint. Worked for my gpu and mobo*

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    Update - the mobo stayed 1 week in a hardware professional service. Result ? Zero-zero They could not find what it's wrong with it...
    So I had to buy a Z97 Fatal1ty Killer...

    @Re@per - thanks, I will try or I will give it to some friend to try it.

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