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    Yeeeeeaaaah... that's not what I wanted. You see, turning off true 7.1 and changing it to what ever you changed with adding some sound to rear and sides (which by the way is still "tin can" but with higher volume) isn't a proper fixing. Is it really what your "experts" could achieve for 1 year of fixing? Because you see for THAT price I want to have a true 7.1 which has SAME quality sound from ALL sides. So when I listen to Olesya from Vermintide 2 it wouldn't sound like she quickly run away from me when I turn my back to her and then quickly run back to me when I turn to see her beautiful face, or when I play Overwatch and I hear that Reinhardt (or some one else big and scary) is coming behind me with intention to sign an autograph on my chest with his hammer, I would think that he is far away from me and I just need to turn around and shoot him, AND when I do turn around I would have mixed feelings of satisfaction (that I'll die in the most glorious hand to hand combat) and dissatisfaction (that no one will ever recognise my body or face and I'll never have a good looking statue of me)

    So PLEASE ASUS make the most logical thing in this situation. MAKE THIS HEADPHONES WORTH OF THEIR PRICE! One year is TOO long to fix the issue that MUSTN'T have been in the first place.
    Only two spectrum modes have been modified. If you wish to have true 7.1 again, just use the other 2 modes or press the volume knob to disable spectrum modes. If you are unsatisfied with the lack of bass output (0.1) while in true 7.1, then the best course of action would be to contact the appropriate game developers. If games do not provide bass output in the 0.1 channel - we have no bass to increase in true 7.1 mode. All we can do is use a crossover function to utilize bass from other channels, which is what we have done (for 2 of the 4 spectrum modes).
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