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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterC@ASUS View Post
    Due to the feedback received from forum users, we have created a modified firmware to:
    1. Dramatically boost the volume of side and rear surround channels (Gunfire & Footsteps profiles)
    2. Rerouted and increased bass from surround channels to the subwoofer channel. (Gunfire profile)
    3. Allow stereo mode for speakers connected to the audio station.
    4. Fixed OCP (over-current protection) issue after reboot.
    Hi, thanks for your effort in frequently optimizing the headset driver.

    About the third point, this enhancement very good for those, include me, only have stereo speakers only. After update to MCU2.2/DSP2.4, I found that:
    In headset mode with stereo mode, the sonic studio will grey out individual channel adjustment bar but in speakers mode with stereo mode, individual channel adjustment bars do not grey. I try to listen some multi-channel audio and adjust center volume, center volume, subwoofer volume, side volume and rear volume, the stereo speakers' audio does not change.

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