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    Rampage VI Extreme M.2 slots

    Can someone give me a definitive answer as to how each of the 3 M.2 slots are wired on the RVIE? As in exactly which are CPU and PCH? It looks like the DIMM.2 has one each CPU and PCH but what about the 3rd slot down at the bottom? Is that CPU or PCH?

    My goal is to use 2x M.2's (1xCPU for boot drive and 1xPCH for optane accelerator) while keeping PCIe x8_4 at full x8 bandwidth.

    Can I use one of the DIMM.2 slots and M.2 socket 3 for this purpose and still have x8 on PCIe x8_4?

    EDIT: I forgot to mention I will be using a 44 lane CPU and will also be using SLI @ x16 and x16
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