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    Black screen on a hot reboot but everything fine on a cold boot (Maximus VI Gene/Z87)

    Hey y'all,
    Today I rebuilt my mITX system to mATX which basically meant moving all of the components onto a new motherboard which I acquired through EBay.

    When starting cold, everything boots up properly. Unfortunately any time I restart my computer, either by Ctrl+Alt+Del from BIOS, from bootloader screen, restart from Windows or Linux ... I end up with a dark screen with the fans still working. There is not "beep", no POST, nothing. Even "Reset" (button on the motherboard) doesn't help. I need to hold the power button for a few seconds and boot from scratch.

    I tried resetting CMOS, disabling Fast Boot, running stock and OC settings. Etc. nothing seems to help

    Motherboard. Maximus VI Gene
    BIOS: 1603 (Latest)
    CPU: Core i7 4790k

    Anybody has ideas what I could try? I dual boot quite frequently and this issue is VERY annoying.

    I appreciate any help

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