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    I bought a GL703GM-NS73 from NewEgg and did everything I'm supposed to. Updated Windows 10, updated all ASUS software, got my laptop registered, etc. I got no pop-up about CoD: BO4.

    I contacted ASUS Support thru chat and was told to find the ASUS Promotion app that was part of the ASUS software update. I found the app, but it did not run. I clicked the software, the pointed changed to a spinning icon, then nothing.

    I was then given an e-mail, which is the address. They promptly told me to try what the chat agent told me and of course, that failed. I told them it failed and they said they were "going to check the case" and they were going to "contact me" afterwards. They also asked for "a little patience."

    This was on Friday, the 19th. I just want my friggin' game.
    good luck my friend i submitted my application on the 10/10/2018 and e-mailed them the next day about an issue that i had and i havent heard from the since, its been over a week

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