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    Maximus XI Extreme - DIMM.2 slot question


    I am interested in purchasing one of the new MXIE motherboards when they become available, and am somewhat confused by the inclusion of the "DIMM.2" used as an expansion slot for NVME based M.2 SSDs.

    It seems the main rationale behind it is the physical connections means the mounted SSDs sit in the path of the airflow in a case to assist in thermal performance. But there are also claims that this connector is somehow wired to the PCIE controller onboard the CPU itself, like the PCIE 1/2 slots used for graphics cards.

    Does this mean that when using the DIMM.2 slot for 2 NVME SSDs, the bandwidth available to graphics cards will be limited? My understanding is the Intel CPUs themselves only have a maximum of 16 PCIE lanes available, so presumably only 8 are available for graphics if 8 are in use by the DIMM.2-connected devices?

    There seems to be remarkably little information about how this feature would actually work. Any input would be appreciated!


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