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    Rampage VI Extreme case Lian Li PC-011AIR

    I searched for and found a thread here that had a few options in it, but it was dead and thought I'd ask about another specific case as well.

    I found a case by lian li called the PC-011 AIR, and it says it'll fit an EATX motherboard. The corsair carbide air 540 said it'll fit an EATX motherboard too, but I think they mean a 264mm or 272mm max width one, because mine doesn't fit in there unless you run the 24pin, sata cables, USB and case leads through the grommets first. Just completely barely fits the 10.9" 277mm wide R6E. Does anyone have or know if the Lian li case fits a 12x10.9 or 277mm wide motherboard properly, or is it another 264mm or 272mm "EATX" case? I sent them an email to ask as well.

    I know I could just get a super tower or a server case, but I'm disabled and having a smaller sized computer next to me is almost vital for using it. That's why the air 540 looked perfect - fit the board, fit my EK 360 rad and d5 pump (kind of), fit my R6E (again, kind of) and had good airflow. The Lian li has spots for all my EK stuff, as well as possibly adding another 360 rad for a gpu sli/nvlink setup in the future if wanted now that Nvidia seems to have made that worth it again.

    The only smaller options I see are from a brand called Anidees (the AI Crystal Cube model specifically) which says it supports true 12x13 EATX motherboards so it shouldn't be a problem, but the front of the case is that stupid trend today where it's just a flat panel with tiny vent holes on the side for air intake. Most of the major review sites say it runs warm because the front intake doesn't exist. The fractal design define r6 is a little too big and there's conflicting things I read about EATX adaptability (some 264mm max, some 285mm max).

    If you have or know if this board can fit properly in this lian li case or the anidees case I'd really really appreciate your input - or if there's another smaller or cube ish type case I may have missed please let me know.

    Will the Lian Li PC-011 AIR fit the R6E or a 12"x10.9" 305x277 board specifically? I can't find anything anywhere saying what fit dimensions are. Again, needs to be specifically 10.9 277mm width EATX, not 264mm or 272mm.

    Thanks for reading this book

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