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    Z10-PED16 WS -- Can't boot Win10 with hyperthreading enabled (dual Xeon)

    for a while now I have been unable to enable my hyperthreading and start windows 10 .
    When Hyperthreading is enabled in BIOS, it loads up to the point where the windows logo appears, then loads a couple seconds more, then reboots... in a loop up to the point where you need to recover, but then it still can't recover until I disable HT.

    I can remember in the beginning when I assembled the computer, to test rendering performance on cinema4D with Vray, I was being recommended to disable HT for better performance, so I did some testing with HT on and off. It was better with HT off for vray, so I left it off

    However I recently switched to Corona renderer, but for some reason now I can't get HT back enabled anymore...

    The guys at the computer hardware store had no solution for me, and I really wanted to see if I can benefit from HT on such a powerful machine, therefore I tried posting here too... I feel like I'm missing out on 40 cores... :-(

    Here is a quick overview of the components, built in 12/2016 :

    2x INTEL XEON E5-2698 V4 14NM 2.2-3.6GHZ 50MB 20 CORES --> so a maximum of 80 cores with HT
    ASUS Z10PE-D16 WS --> Bios latest version
    8x KINGSTON 16GB 2400MHZ REG ECC DDR4 KVR24R17D4/16
    MICROSOFT 64 NL WINDOWS 10 PRO 64BIT OEM - up to date
    CORSAIR AX1500i

    now here is the mind breaker:

    When i set msconfig > boot > advanced options > number of cores > unticked
    I cannot boot with hyperthreading, so leaving HT disabled, then

    device manager reads 40 CPU's
    task manager: 2 socket, 40 physical cores, 40 logical cores
    CPU-Z recognizes 2 CPU's with 20 physical/20 threads for each CPU
    render a testframe in 5min54

    When i set msconfig > boot > advanced options > number of cores > 40 (which seems to be the maximum in the list)

    I CAN boot with hyperthreading enabled, but then

    device manager reads 80 CPU's
    task manager: only 1 socket, 20 physical cores, 40 logical cores (so one processor with hyperthreading)
    CPU-Z recognizes only 1 CPU with 20 physical/40 threads
    render a testframe in 5min41, yet somehow cinema4D and windows feel a bit faster

    and msconfig > boot > advanced options > number of cores > still has a maximum of 40

    I already tried clearing CMOS and upgraded BIOS to last available version
    Also for now, I reset BIOS Settings, so everything is at default exept for the HT and boot configuration
    Are there other settings in the BIOS I must change from defaults?

    Any tips are most welcome!
    Feel free to ask more info.

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    It could be due to one of the Windows updates applied since you disabled HT. You might try Google to see if any specific update broke high core count systems.

    Have you tried disabling NUMA? It's probably on by default but I've heard Windows sometimes has issues.
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