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    Could it be bios got corrupted now it's not supporting CPU?!?
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    Clayton Hunsinger
    I don't think that could be possible. You see, I first had the EEPROM chip replaced which is pretty much the chip that stores the BIOS. Then that didn't work so I had the motherboard replaced and Im fairly certain it was new board because it looked different somewhat from the old board. Even after replacing the motherboard, I was able to go into the BIOS, and I did that in order to set the system time, and other settings, but 10 seconds in while I'm setting system time it just freezes and doesn't start up again. That could perhaps be the BIOS getting corrupted there, but how could it have possibly gotten corrupted. It's new motherboard and everything.

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    Vincent Gomez
    Check your RAM and CPU like someone else mentioned. I have had the same problems previously and in a lot of cases it ended up being the RAM and CPU sometimes for me.

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