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    M4A89GTD PRO Power Supply Question

    I have been out of game for far to long I see that now. Anyway, I just purchased a M4A89GTD Pro motherboard and I was assuming I could use my old power supply with it.

    I have a Antec SL400 power supply, its a 400W with 20 pin + 4 pin connectors. The new motherboard now that I am doing my research is a 24 pin + 8 pin connector.

    The obvious....I need a new power supply. The bad and ugly...its Christmas Eve and I am trying to get this system up for the morning so my kids can tinker on it tomorrow on WoW.

    Am I totally screwed or can I get by with it for a couple of days?

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    Yes, the 4 pin will work fine. You really only need the 8 pin EPS for demanding setups. If you don't overclock or run a lot of devices off of the mobo you will be fine.
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