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    Problem VCORE Z370-F gaming

    I do not know if it's a problem with the mobo or the cpu since it was with windows and when updating the bios to 1412

    Recently there was problem update october of windows, I did not know your problem. I installed a windows 10 clean, but my problems started. The drivers did not install well and I did strange things, formatted several times because the installation was not good and I do not know what happened to a restart my cpu happened to have vcore 2.144v. If it is an extreme voltage. I did not overclock or touch any parameters, so I do not stop the cpu back to 1.2v from vcore, which I think is its default voltage. I was able to install win 10 october with fix and drivers. Even doing normal things and playing, it is assumed that the cpu should be fried by that voltage. I do not understand if it can be a problem of the mobo or cpu, I have the last bios 1412 and it does not let me donwgrade under the 1406.
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