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    Asus Z370-F & T-Force Dark Rog DDR4 Profile missing in BIOS

    Hi everyone,

    I got a deal on the T-Force Dark Rog Ram, and I have been advertised that I could chose between XMP and a "Rog Certified" profile on an Asus motherboard.
    The Ram comes at 3000MHz and can be boosted to 3200MHz using this feature.

    I have a Z370-F and I can only see the "normal" and " XMP" profile,but no sign of the Rog Certified profile. I downloaded the latest drivers and upgraded to the latest BIOS version after building the computer... is it supposed to work with an older BIOS version?
    And by the way, when I activate the XMP profile, it doesn't even show 3000MHz but lower (2777MHz)...
    Other info : I don't own a GPU yet. Would this option only unlock with a GPU installed maybe? (sounds weird to me but who knows!)

    Does anyone know how to activate this? It was supposed to show up without doing anything, according to every reviewing website.

    The reference of these memory sticks is :

    I already contacted the Team Group support but they couldn't give me answers and asked me to contact the motherboard manufacturer

    I am currently happy with my motherboard and RAM, but I feel like I'm not getting the best out of it(especially since I never really got into tweaking settings)...

    Thanks to anyone reading this!

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