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    Quote Originally Posted by xeromist View Post
    Yes, just speculation of course.

    Another thing to consider is why someone is trying to do this in the first place. That may provide some insight as to why companies have these policies. There are going to be some customers who buy products and physically move their whole lives to another region of the world but I suspect the number of those people is small. I do feel sorry for them.

    I suspect a lot of cross-warranty cases are people importing via grey market or buying products while on holiday because they are cheaper or the exact item is unavailable in their own country. For the former, manufacturers feel no obligation towards someone who buys grey market and denies the manufacturer and its retail partners the higher profit margin. For the record I agree that pricing products differently by region is shady but a lot of companies do it and use denial of warranty as a deterrent, such is life. And for those buying a product that isn't available...if it's not available to you then it's not going to be stocked at service centers either.

    I should confess I am guilty of the above as well. Some years back I bought a new 32" BenQ monitor. It had limited availability in the US and sellers had marked it up here. I bought one from Canada because it was cheaper but I did so knowing I was taking a gamble. If there was a problem I would have had to ship it back to Canada. Luckily everything turned out OK though.
    oh so true 😭😭.
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