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    fpollan PC Specs
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    MonitorAcer Predator X34
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    Storage #2OCZ SSD
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    Quote Originally Posted by coldvma View Post
    Aren't there any official releases for these anywhere? Feels really weird to update firmware with files from mega. Or any other random third party site for that matter.
    @MoKiChU doing an incredible job, collecting official downloads and putting them together in these forums, many of them even clean of "bloatware".
    Only driver is better than installer!!!, p.e.
    None of his contributions caused problems in my Hero 8 Z170.
    There are official downloads, but you have to look for them and try.
    I look at his post every day, and I will be eternally grateful.
    My pc is better thanks to him.

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    Hello everyone,

    I have very good news about downgrading Intel ME on my Maximus X motherboard
    I am very happy to say that, thanks to Marius4313, I managed to downgrade to the original version that ASUS released with bios 1704.
    That is And everything changed completely for me, the sound coming from the sound card is now crisp and loud and the stereocrosstalk is just gorgeous again. I also managed to set back my timings to 15-16-36-1T @ 3333 Mhz. I feel my computer smooth and very responsive now all together it works like a charm
    I guess that ASUS tests these firmware thoroughly before releasing them, for full compatibility with their boards. So I suggest you don't install the generic, non-configured firmware before they are official. It made a huge difference for me, at least in my case.

    Again, thank you very much Marius4313!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by extremeredline View Post
    I have not tried to downgrade as I do not see any problems yet. I might wait till Asus releases an me fe that would overwrite the version I installed or am I sol and I need to reflash for it to install a me fw that asus provides. As of right now my drivers are from this site and current and I don't see any issues. What are the problems people were having with the newer fw that made them want to flash back.

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    I disagree MoKiChU, I don't want to be rude or anything, but first of all, you talk about vulnerability.. well my internet service is provided by RCS-RDS as I am from Romania. They have powerful firewall behind the internet. And windows has it's own security patches, not to mention, my ASUS router already has it's own security holes patched.
    And about what you said that there are two parts in Intel ME, then I could think that the updated part that comes with new firmware isn't compatible with part 2, the one configured by ASUS. It too must be made 100% compatible with new firmware. At least that is my assessment on how my computer works with original firmware. Also, I believe that if this was so important and dangerous for users, I's sure ASUS would have updated it by now.

    Quote Originally Posted by MoKiChU View Post

    Congratulations, you are now vulnerable to all security breaches since Intel ME ...

    It's wrong. The Intel ME firmware consists of 2 parts, one CODE (global) and the other DATA (manufacturer specific). The Intel tool used to flash the Intel ME firmware (FWUpdLcl64.exe) only flashes the CODE part, the DATA portion is not affected and remains as ASUS has configured on the latest flashed BIOS.

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    Guitarmageddon888 PC Specs
    MotherboardMaximus x code bios1704
    Memory (part number)8700k 5.1/4.9avx
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    MonitorHP Omen 27"
    Storage #1Samsung 970 m.2
    Storage #2Samsung 860 evo
    CPU CoolerH150i
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    Quote Originally Posted by Realnick06 View Post
    Also, I believe that if this was so important and dangerous for users, I's sure ASUS would have updated it by now.
    Haha do you not recall the whole live update fiasco? Yeah.....

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