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    Can someone clear up misinformation on the Z390 XI Hero's power phasing?


    There's a buzz currently on Youtube and Reddit regarding some comments made by Steve from techtuber channel Hardware Unboxed, surrounding comments he made about what he called "fake 8-phase that's really a 4-phase VRM" power phasing on the Maximus XI Hero.

    Initially in his video he doesn't reference the Maximus XI Hero by name but shows a slide of it describing it as a motherboard packing a "measly 4 phase VRM"

    Bizzarely enough, he then makes comparisons of the XI Hero to the 4 phase Z370 PC Pro and infers that the problems with the XI Hero are due to it's inferior VRM's - so somehow making an equivalency between the Z370 PC Pro and the Z390 XI Hero. but there's more ....

    Further below in the comment section he describes the XI Hero as having "fake 8-phase that's really a 4-phase VRM" basically implying both incompetence and deception on Asus's part. He later apologized for that in the comment section but as you can imagine the damage was done.

    The Reddit threads lit up and further picked up on this and a slew of impressionables are rushing to cancel or return their XI Hero's and XI Code's..

    Can someone please link me to info regarding the power phasing on the board?

    I have this from

    which led to this description of the Vishay SiC639 power phasing

    but it kind of conflicts with this info from Dutch site

    which describes it as 4 +2

    So ... which is it? And what info is the correct info to clear this up?


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