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    AURA SYNC 1.07.22 - Report Issues Here

    To better understand which issues you are currently experiencing with the latest release, I will be collecting your feedback from this thread to let the team know. Thanks!

    If you are not on the latest version, update to 1.07.22 to make debugging faster, please remember to mention:
    1. The BIOS/firmware version for your hardware.
    2. The AURA SYNC products you own and any other 3rd-party lighting software.
    3. If a power cycle has made any difference. (Shutdown, power off, unplug power cable for a minute)
    4. If you have tried reinstalling Aura or Windows already.
    5. Do you have Aura for Graphics Cards installed also. (Please uninstall)
    6. OS build/version.
    7. If the issue was present in the previous version(s).
    Please Include a screenshot of the Aura UI, and any other pictures if applicable.

    Download 1.07.22 here:

    If you experienced installation issues previously, please follow the procedure below:
    - Make sure you have updated the firmware for your keyboard & mouse using Armoury.
    - Right-click on Setup (not AsusSetup), then Run as administrator to uninstall the old version and remove all cached data.
    - Reboot PC.
    - Right-click on Setup, Run as administrator to install 1.07.22.
    - Reboot PC.
    - Right-click on the Aura shortcut icon, Run as administrator to open the Aura application.
    - If devices are not showing in the Aura UI, hit the refresh icon.
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