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    Thanks for the tip. I'll look into it. I'm curious though, why do you believe this will get dated that fast?
    I believe that, if you want to build a PC, make it a solid one from the start. As you mentioned, that you liked it to function for a couple years, why not build a beast, that has components on the bleeding edge of technology? The technology of the given time is tremendous and it will continue to be for a while Processor's, motherboard's, ram, solid state devices, PCIe hard drives, graphic card's and all other component's that come to mind are so advanced in this age. Their so fast, that make's you wonder what the future has in store for us Cpu's, if chosen from the top shelf, for sure, need no modification for a few years. The only thing to keep in mind is changing your random access memory such as adding more module's, amending your storage devices or graphic cards. With the last component mentioned, unfortunately, you probably need to adjust sooner. However, if you choose GTX1080Ti or 2080 series, it won't be a bad decision but a good one, at least for the near future.
    You might not buy 128 gigabytes of random access memory at first because I know it's really expensive but why not settle for the half of it? I have 64GB running under 3000mhz (yep, it's overclocked ). When I bought this computer, at the first glance, it was under JEDEC standards (2666mhz). Once it was tweaked, I noticed a minor details in graphical display, a bit more richer colors but the actual speed of my system, it reacts the same as of standard ram frequency. I doubt that 16 or 32GB modules installed are to compare with 64 gigabytes or more, even for daily basis computing.
    All in all, it entirely depends on what you have planned for your PC. If you're looking into mainly gaming, proceed on establishing that beast Once you have it, for sure, regular computing such as browsing the internet, drafting document's on Microsoft Word or just listening to music, will enlighten your overall experience & satisfaction, that you have this system.

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