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    Angry X470-I RAID Install Windows 10... I'm going out of my mind :(

    Just got an X470-I and the system is all set up and running well... BIOS is up-to-date and for reference, just to avoid any BIOS issues, I set all BIOS settings to default and only switched the SATA mode to RAID and that's it... save and done. Problem I'm having is when trying to install Windows to two SSDs in RAID 0 that I created in the Ctrl-R menu during boot... I initialized both SSDs, then created an array with RAID 0 with defaults for other creation settings. I've tried the SSD RAID drivers from the ASUS site and AMD's site for the X470 chipset here: (I chose the SATA RAID Only set). So when I boot into the Windows installer and no disks show up (normal, I know) I then select "Load driver", navigate to the folder on the USB installer disk that has the RAID drivers and start first with the "Bottom" driver, then the "RAID" driver and from every video I've seen on YouTube, etc. everyone's array shows up after loading that second driver, but no matter what I do, mine never shows up... I've spent hours trying to get the array to show up by trying different things in the BIOS (turning off CSM, etc.)... everyone seems to have no issues with getting it going, but I just can't for some reason.

    Has anyone else ever run into this and/or have any tips for things I can try?


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    hi i had really bad problems setting my system up .

    i used an old drive to set up win 10 ran the system got the drivers i needed installed, then used a drive duplcator then copyed to one of my nvme drives.
    i really hope this helps a bit

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    I am going to have to test this personally. When I originally did the RAID guide here at ROG lots of folks were having issues setting up a raid. Win7 at the time. I never had any of those issues because I kept it simple, did not even need to inject drivers into OS to make them work. But that was 4 years ago or even longer so much may have changed. I will pull out some hardware and see if I can duplicate the OP issue.
    To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

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