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    Asus GL503VM Aura Core reinstall ?

    Its been 6 months since i had got this laptop. I have not made any modifications to the laptop. Only upgraded BIOS through WinFlash and Windows Updates.
    I am having issues with aura core app. Its been struck in "customized 2" option and it cannot change to other "customized(1,3)" .
    I can still change color and brightness .

    However I noticed that its is possible to uninstall the app from windows store.
    But is it safe to uninstall then reinstall, will I encounter any issues ?

    Please help me.

    Thank You.


    i just found a workaround for this problem.
    In the ROG gaming centre, If i assign each "customized to 1or 3 ",to the profile it works.
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    Go ahead and reinstall the software. There is no danger, only an up side, the possibility of fixing your issues. You can find the software by googling your laptop's name and writing "asus drivers" at the end of the search.

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