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    Asus xg258q white screen problem.

    Hey so i bought the asus xg258q 240hz, yesterday (25/10/18) and whenever i go play a game, it works fine, but when i then go out the game, and do some desktop work like browsing and stuff, the screen turns white like in the video.
    and a guy from my work said, that it could be the nvidia aspect ratio settings. like "fullscreen" "no scaling" "aspect ratio" and i have tried most of thoses settings.. so this is what i have tried so far..
    -Diffrent DP cable ... diffrent HDMI cable
    -Older nvidia drivers ... Newest Nvidia drivers...
    -other ports on my GPU Which is a gtx 1070 ti strix.
    -My friends Computer which also have a nvidia gpu.
    i have 3 monitors 2x 144hz and then 1x 240hz... i have tried pluggin both 144hz out, and only the 240hz still problem.
    -i have even tried to downclock my cpu to stuck. saw it in a post else where...
    i have tried everything i can think of.
    And the only fix for it is to turn off the monitor and back on, then wait 2 mins and again white screen

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    Cool Return the monitor.

    I would RMA that monitor.

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