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    I have a very odd problem ! Maybe you can help me . I can manage to get 5.1Ghz stable With 1.32v and temps are not going above 82c. But this is before change my rams :/ When im using Corsair 32GB 8x4 3200Mhz RGB Pro , everything good and stable with 5.1Ghz. But after change my rams to 8x4 Corsair Dominator RGB 3200mhz, i cant get stable at 5.1ghz. I tried diffrent vccsa and vcsıo voltage nothing change. But when try 2 stick again i can get 5.1GHz stable but tried 4 stick again i cant do 5.1ghz. Now i can do 1.288v 5.0ghz without problem. Why i cant do it with 4 stick Dominator ? 9700K Asus Maximus Hero Wifi Z390 Corsair H150i Pro Sorry for my bad english.
    Iím confused. You say that both sets are 8x4. *But then you mention something about using two sticks. Which set is the two stick set for starters? *Also, are you just swapping for the RGB? *I ask because Iíve had a hard time getting mine over 5.0. *Sheíll do 5, but not 5.1. *I guess my point is if youíre changing just for the RGB, donít lol. Stick with whatever configuration you used to hit 5.0 and be happy!

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