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    Question Question about E1-E2 USB ports on my Sabertooth z97 Mark 2/USB 3.1

    What ports are the E1-E2?
    I would like to turn off the ports for usb 3.1 (teal) because they are hot and are not used.

    My mobo has been perfect since day one.
    I use an Intel i7-4790k unclocked that for some strange reason runs cool and it runs everything I have thrown at it.
    The CPU has only once reached 51c when gaming BF1 for a few hours and it was hot in my den (summer time).

    However the USB 3.1 area runs a bit hot at 52c to 55c sometimes. I would like to lower that temp. I even have a tiny fan mounted in that area.

    The manual mentions E1-E2 and I don't know which usb ports they are.
    And if I turn off the E1-E2 ports will that affect anything else on the mobo?

    UPDATE: I think I worded my question wrong.
    So in the BIOS you can list all the usb names. But there is no way to tell which of them are the E1 and E2 usbs?!

    Thanks in advance.
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