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    Ok, just to be clear....Once I've removed everything from the MOBO (even the CPU) I pop the battery out and hit the reset button on the back on the I/O panel for 3 seconds and then press it again for 3 seconds? After that I sit the CPU and 1 stick of ram w/ mouse & keyboard to boot bios. Once i'm in Bios are there any other steps I should take? If I don't get a display from that but am able to after I hit MemOK does that mean something else?

    Once I got into Bios I was going to turn off the computer to install another stick of ram until I had all 32g
    I was going to install the GPU
    my drive to lauch Windows 10 and a drive for storage
    and after that my computer would technically be "back to normal" with all my hardware installed, but will this reset you mentioned remedy my cold boot issue?

    When would it be okay to enable XMP for my RAM? It seems the timing for this Trident Gskils is 2133 out the box but can be set to 3200 w/ XMP enabled. I'm probably getting ahead of myself but I would like to run this ram at 3200 but don't want to use XMP if it's going to inhibit me from booting my computer up in the morning.

    Thanks again for your patience and help
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