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    Angry Xg27vq massive firmware bug

    My XG27VQ has the following issues which can't be fixed without a firmware update. So that means I'll either have to return it to my retailer or go through a 2 month long rma. Simply amazing.

    • Every time the monitor is powered off its settings are altered. But not to the factory settings, instead a seemingly random point in time is chosen as the last fallback stage. So sometimes when I had the FPS overlay enabled, it is turned on again even if I had turned it off.

    • Sometimes when the monitor recieves/switches the input signal it reverts to another "Mode" under the "GameVisual" settings. Same bug as above. A random stage of settings is loaded of what I speculate to be the last time the monitor saved its settings.

    • Every time when the monitor recieves/switches the input signal or is powered off/on with the ELMB settings enabled, the colors are changed to a hidden default profile. The only workaround is to manually load a profile which I had to save with the correct colors and ELMB enabled. Simply unacceptable.

    • Using any of the 5 Blue Light Filters switches the monitor to the "Racing Mode" preset with no way at all to prevent this. WTF?

    For a price of 430€ I feel cheated. Simply taking 3 minutes to check the OSD in the factory should have shown atleast 2 of these bugs immediately.
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    Sorry for belated reply. I checked with the team responsible for this model and can confirm this is in fact a hardware fault. Please follow standard RMA process. PM me if you encounter any problems.

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