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    Higher GPU temps

    I upgraded my pc this week and the temps on my gtx 1080 are 20c to 25c higher then it was with the old system.
    I was around 28c on the cpu and gpu at idle. now i'm at 28c on the cpu and 55c on the gpu. Playing a game i'll hit around 60c to 65c on the gpu.

    Old system
    I7 4790k
    MSI z97 gamming 5 Mobo
    16 gb ram
    thermaltake core x71 case
    strix 1080

    New system
    I7 8700k
    strix z390-e
    16 gb ram
    thermaltake core x71 case
    strix 1080

    Looks like I fixed it. It was something to do with Solidworks. It had my gpu at max clock speed
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    Cheers mate for posting back and telling us what had caused the issue.

    Enjoy your system.
    To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

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