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    I was WRONG EKWB Sell WORSE Quality Watercooling Parts

    This is warning for people who are longer in IT industry but still didn't use watercooling and don't want some childish RGB craps.
    For people who want best quality, long durable, precise sturdy watercooling parts capable to install many time without visual traces of usage.
    I don't want to this topic create negative opinion about watercooling and someone to give up because even I who have problem will not give up only will change company.

    First before everything before you say anything to me you must know that I was born and grow in country where everything is bad quality, litterary everything, that was Yugoslavia. Their republics, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia never made nothing similar to Austria, Germany, UK, France, Netherland, USA and watercooling stuff are not exception.
    Mentality on Western Balkan is rather to rob you for 1000 euro now than to take you 5000 euro for next 10 years.
    It's very rear exception from this tradition and that's deep in mentality of big part East Europe and start to change before several years or decades but it's still decades behind West or USA.

    You will not die without EK, special if you live in USA, You have Swiftech, you have Koolance and now when I exactly know where I made mistake I advice you Watercool parts. Germans in production in Germany is very hard to beat practicaly in anything. They are well known leaders in making hydraulics, equipment for industry and for house, coolers, electromotors, pumps, water system installations, etc...
    Special you can't beat them with low quality products.

    From parts I bought from EK literary everything have flaw.
    Dura Clear tubes are impossible to install before hot water (bad batch not like in kits) Cryo Fuel Clear was Yellow and bad batch.
    I replace that immediately with Mayhem Ultra Clear and Mayhem X1 who are excellent to work, I mean working with them after EK is paradise.

    Coolstream PE radiator have aluminium housing like 3 layer of paper. And people must know that you can bend him with 2 fingers on middle, in many cases chamber of radiator move inside housing because some little parts inside hold them on place. You can forgot on strong cubic sturdy radiator as they look on pictures.

    In that section I decide to wait Black Friday and to buy Black Ice Nemesis GTX. That's far best radiator 360mm, only GTR360 4th Gen is better but on 1500RPM and more.

    Main part XRES Revo Combo. Except D5 Pump (silent to up to 50%, 50-70% produce rattle noise and grind, 70-100% grind stop and you hear buzz noise not presented on lower speed and he increase as you increase pump. But still 50-70% is louder than 100% example.
    Connection between D5 Nut and Reservoir Base little leak, not leak but was wet and than I saw how that design is mistake and very gently, and made to stay like that.

    I never had such problems to unscrew something in life. My friend tried to remove D5 from top and give up asking me I could push more but I'm not responsible for part. Than I remove Glass and top and with all force pushing and puling in opposite direction success to release D5 from her house just in moment when skin on hand start to hurt me and I thought to gave up "Nut" release D5.
    Than I was faced with reason why you should avoid any kind of thread in watercooling, special if metal have connection with much softer POM.
    Sharp metal thread can't be in contact with soft POM on that way because little harder thread start to missing little by little.
    POM start to peel off and after 2-3 removing and installing you could literary to remove with hand thin peaces like hair of POM who fall apart because sharp Nut thread cut them. That's flaw in Revo design.
    If you want reservoir and pump to be durable, to last long, to reinstall them 10 times you need to look for this type of installation...

    You can't imagine if you didn't met watercooling parts how that design is dominant compare to EK Revo. EK made them before on same way, whole watercooling industry stay on that they decide to make thread with Revo. Their XRES Combo have 3 threads. Nut for holding D5, Reservoir install in base and top of reservoir install on acrylic reservoir on same way. Cracking, problems, scratching acrylic, losing thread after some time. But you need to met with parts to understand me better.

    If you look for combo, D5 or DDC Heatkiller is same with them.
    Practicaly Watercool not force you to buy other parts to have RGB, to install D5 or DDC.
    With one Heatkiller Tube you could use previous D5 Top, you could replace and use DDC Bottom, D5 Bottom, no single thread in whole system, it's same with glass even you have easy removing top with very good lock mechanism.

    I didn't have someone to warn me, all I got was "Watercool is better", but not why, "Watercool is higher class", but not particular why.
    Now I know that EK 100% ignore huge percent of half working parts, parts who not pass QC and send to customers, to market, to sellers.
    Their answers on problems are joke, I don't want to even write about that because I would need two pages.
    Example I send them video clip where pump work good and video clip where pump is noisy and need instant replace.
    They answer me and show me picture from video where everything is fine, video with name D5 Normal Noise and say That's completely normal for D5. And what to say on such answer. I send them video to describe him difference, between normal and bad and they send me picture from Normal video and say That's normal you hear noise because you install Top inlet port, like I didn't know that, I name him Normal.

    Forgot on their revisions, on their Jets 1 2 3 4, on their base when corrosion destroy your CPU. On their RGB.
    They are show room company, to present some hardware, cause WOW effect, people to build once and when you change hardware to order other parts, new revision.
    They are not for people who want sturdy parts, who want to open CPU block after 12 months to find nothing, to clean him with soft brush and use him again, and 5 times like that on 3 different platform. People who not care for RGB, hard tubes, who want watercooling, performance and quality.
    RGB is evil, RGB force girls or amateurs who don't know about hardware to say 200$ worth hardware is better because shine more than 500$ worth hardware. That's RGB, Camouflage of everything nice in IT industry.

    Watercool with their Heatkiller series usable in any form, together or separate, Heatkiller IV Pro Full Copper CPU block from 3 big metal peaces and HW Lab Black Ice Nemesis are parts you should look foor and Bitspower fittings. Pay them once or you will be in situation like me to want fast to order parts, from one store to save money and you will stuck with hardware on table because I don't want to install nothing in case before Pump Combo and Radiator become perfect, without flaws...

    This is how is Revo designed, they can't be installed better, after reinstall connection was not wet but I have problem to remove D5 from housing from same reason because I now can't tight so much to cover visible threads. Excuse me but this part not give me confidence that will not leak inside case.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    EK completely ingore fact that I two times reinstall D5 to stop to water show up on part below IN and Out Ports.
    How they will react than if leak destroy some of your parts. They will not react.
    Did you remember what they done with Predator, with corrosion affairs, they are company with zero politic for quality.
    During their design they didn't plan to parts last long, that's not in their nature obvious or they don't know, or mixed of both and I understand them.
    Western Balkan is not Germany but they spent thousands on advertising while people who pay them need to buy parts again.
    Why I didn't know for Watercool before, I thought it's 1 or 2 company, Alphacool, Watercool, Aqua Computers. Because obvious Watercool and Aqua Computer are less turned to advertising and more spent on quality products.

    With this combo you have best chance to product stay in same condition as you bought him after years of usage.
    Everything is in screws, only they will suffer pressure during installation and reinstallation, cleaning, etc...

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	watercool-heatkiller-tube-100-d5-attachments-black-wazu-749-62988-2.jpg 
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    This is how much you install them, you will not crouch like Linus in one video and make noise like trying to give birth trying to remove D5 from Revo Top.
    Because after you remove thread is not same any more.

    I warn you, not I exactly know where I made mistake, why, and what I done wrong.
    Don't tell me please I have EK and my system work. Yes and mine work, here is on table, work, but that's not all.
    For parts we pay them and everything we use their Nickel plating can't corrode and their parts must be more durable and stronger and capable to use them longer time not to fall apart.

    Yes if you want to top radiator, quality with life time warranty on defect you need Black Ice Nemesis, and if he is not close you need to import him from other continuent if need. But you don't need, in USA they are available, in Europe you can find them on Watercooling.UK , one store in Poland as well sell HW Labs radiators and send all over EU for 15 euro I think, they have and watercooling, etc. You have Caseking, Watercool Shop, and others.
    200 euro will cost me because I wanted to order everything from one store and EK looking only pictures and 3D Pictures.

    Now I have completely other opinion.
    I hope Watercool will better pay attention on ASUS parts because they have no waterblock for Strix cards Pascal.
    Now they make and everyone who had both will tell you Watercool is better quality.

    EK deserve to go in same basket with brands from Aliexpress for people who want to buy whole loop for 200 euro.
    Not full custom loop from them to cost 500 euro and you get crap.
    If their Supremacy EVO worth 80$, than Watercool Heatkiller IV PRO Black Copper worth 150$.
    But you find him below 100.

    When other parts arrive I will describe you better where to look for and where you should pay attention.
    I can't wait to switch to normal quality parts.
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    Darn sorry your introduction to water-cooling has been a bad one Vlada011. Having read a couple of times through your post I have to say I can't say I disagree with any of it.

    I started with EK stuff and thought it was excellent. Supreme HF block days. I went back to them for my second loop and had niggles and by the third loop serious quality control issues and fittings chewing up inlet ports etc.

    I look forward to your report on the new parts...fingers crossed they are quality!

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    There are more manufacturers now entering this market, Corsair hired some EK employees to start their custom water cooling division. The competition and slim margins have probably caused them to cut corners to stay in business

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    Sorry to here you’ve had bad experience with EK Vlada011
    *EK is all I have used so far, dual loops D5 pumps, dual 420rads.
    I have assembled, disassembled and reassembled several times and (apart from a few fittings with wrong oring ) I have had no problems at all with it leaking cracking or splitting/denting.
    A lot of problems people get with Oring seals on equipment is not ensuring the Oring is seated properly and over tightening the fittings, all of mine are just finger tight.
    I am not saying they are the best at all, far from it I think ( looking at what’s on the market) but it does what it says on the box, if installed correctly.*

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