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    Trouble with G703GI FN + F5 not working as usual

    Greetings all!

    Just needed some assistance in regards to the functionality of one key of my keyboard.

    I'm using a ASUS ROG G703GI Gaming laptop.

    Every single other button on the keyboard works as expected, including f5.
    The function button works for all other related functions, the other F buttons work as expected, there's no issue with the button itself.

    When I open up the ROG gaming centre, the fan overboost setting changes as expected when prompted by clicking the option, everything seems to run fine.
    This button was also working previously.

    One day I simply attempted to press it and it wouldn't automatically adjust the setting on it's own.

    I've looked up many possible fixes via the internet for enabling/disabling the function key, the f5 button, etc. But since it's related to only one button, in particular, I figured I'd post here in the hopes someone may have a possible solution.

    I know it's a very minor issue, but just hoping to keep the keyboard running as smoothly as possible without hindrance.


    If screenshots of any settings will assist please feel free to ask.

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