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    P6T - Adding a raid 1

    I have a P6T mobo (standard). The OS is running on a 250GB HD that was originally setup in IDE mode. I recently purchased two matching 2TB HD's that I want to set up in raid 1. After I installed the drives I went into the BIOS setup -> Storage Configuration and changed the "Configure SATA AS" setting to raid. I then went into the Matrix Storage Manager and created a new raid using the 2TB drives. However, after I did this Windows would not start, it would show a blue screen error message for a split second (not long enough to read it) and then reboot. I changed the SATA configuration back to IDE and the Windows started fine. So, I'm assuming that because the OS drive was initially set up as IDE it has to stay that way.

    So, is there a way to set up the 2TB HD's as a raid and leave the OS drive as IDE? I would prefer to use a real raid configuration instead of the JMircron controller (although i would consider it if that is the best solution). Can I move the OS drive to the JMicron (I had problems booting off it when connected to the JMicron when I first built the system). I definitely don't want to configure them all as raid and start over with the OS drive (wouldn't be able to read it on another system).

    System Specs:
    Asus P6T
    Intel i7920
    Corsair HX750
    Samsung spinpoint HD's
    Windows Home 7 Premium


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