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    Maximus XI Extreme, Storage, and Adobe Premiere recommendations help?

    I've been planning a build for some gaming, and Adobe premiere work, revolving around the 9900K/RTX 2080 ti combo, and I really have taking a liking to the Maximus XI Extreme mobo, but reading up on the M.2/Dimm.2/PCIe lane limitations, I'm not sure of what would be the optimal storage setup for the Premiere scratch disk.

    In my naivety, I at first thought I could just set up two m.2 sticks in raid 0 for the OS and programs, another pair of m.2 in raid 0 for scratch disk, and a pair of HDD in raid 0 for storage, but I guess this won't work..

    I know the scratch disk is pretty important, because my laptop has the O.S. on an m.2, and a HDD storage drive. I had a sizable improvement in performance, when I switched the scratch drive from my storage HDD, to my m.2 that held my OS and programs.

    I would like to have the OS/programs on a separate drive from my scratch disk, so does anyone have any suggestions for a combination/setup/slots used, that will be optimized for efficient use of the m.2 slots, that will work good with Premiere, but doesn't gimp a 2080 TI?


    Intended build

    Budget: Not a tight budget, but I don't want to go crazy insane.
    Main uses of intended build: Gaming, Premiere Pro CC, daily use.
    Parts required: Storage devices
    Monitor resolution: 4k
    Storage requirements: O.S., Programs, scratch disk, and long term storage.
    Will you be overclocking: yes
    Any motherboard requirements: Will be using Maximus XI Extreme
    Extra information about desired system: Will be using 64GB of G.Skill, Ripjaw 3200 CAS 14 DDR4 ram (because it was on sale), 9900K CPU, some iteration of the RTX 2080TI, and be dual loop liquid cooled, because I've always wanted to build one. LOL
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