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    ROG Guru: Brown Belt Array mdzcpa PC Specs
    mdzcpa PC Specs
    MotherboardCrosshair VIII Dark Hero
    Processor5900X 4.6ghz All core 1.3V, 5ghz single DOC
    Memory (part number)Gskill NEO 3600 CAS 14 32GB (4x8)
    Graphics Card #1ROG Strix RTX 3080
    Sound CardOn Board
    MonitorROG PG348Q
    Storage #1Samsung 980 Pro M.2 512GB for OS & APPS
    Storage #2Samsung 980 Pro M.2 1TB for GAMES
    CPU CoolerROG Ryujin 360
    CasePhanteks 500A Mesh
    Power SupplySeasonic Prime 1000W Titanium
    Keyboard Corsair K70 LUX RGB
    Mouse Corsair M65 RGB
    Headset Corsaur Virtuoso
    Mouse Pad Corsair MM300 Wide Desk Mat
    OS WIN 10 Pro
    Network RouterLinksys VELOP
    Accessory #1 ROG 751JY Laptop for Moobile Gaming
    Accessory #2 Koolance EXC-800 Chiller
    Accessory #3 25+ years of overclocking

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    RYUJIN 360 Results - Surprsingly very good!

    For my new 9900k/Hero XI build (see sig) I was lucky enough to find a RYUJIN 360 cooler in stock at Newegg before they quickly sold out. I was originally planning to use my H115i Pro that I use on my test bench for dry run builds. But as luck would have it the RYUJIN 360 came into stock last Thursday so I jumped on it.

    The RYJUIN 360 arrived nicely packaged. Every bit as nice as the Corsair H115i Pro or H150i Po I had acquired before. All hardware needed was included along with the instruction and lots of protective wrapping. The only shortcoming was the instruction set was a bit small print and not easy to ready with all the languages included on each page. It also never expressly states what software you need to down load. But that's a small issue.

    Anyways, I put the 9900k/Hero XI/Strix 2080 Ti into my new Phanteks Evolv X case along with the RYUJIN 360. I top mounted the radiator. I always prefer top mount position to exit hot air from the case. I know that location can increase CPU temps versus taking fresh air from a front case mount, but I also like the fresh air from the front directly feeding the GPU. So top mount it was.

    I already planned to run AI Suite to manage my case fans and perform small clock changes from Windows. I downloaded Live Dash for screen and RGB functionality. In AI Suite the AIO pump can be set to a custom curve which is really nice. You can also do the same with the radiator fans and the water block fan. Super easy to work with. I did away with the ROG screen logo with Live Dash and instead set it to report CPU temp. Looks pretty good! One issue I found is that the RGB functionality in Live Dash conflicts with Aura. You cannot use both. However, once set up, you can control the RGB of the Ryujin from Aura without needing Live Dash. I used Live Dash only to run the OLED panel.

    The best part of the story was the performance. The Ryujin 360 simply out cooled my H115i Pro and the H150i Pro by about 5-6c. It does get quite a bot louder in exchange for the loaded temp drops, but when not under heavy load the Ryujin was just as silent. You can custom set those Noctua fans to be extremely quiet. The most valuable result from the Ryujin was the MUCH lower VRM temps. With running the water block fan at a nearly silent 35% it dropped my loaded VRM temps by 14c !! (66c to 52c). Nice!!

    Overall my 9900k runs at 5Ghz, All Cores, LLC 6, 1.29v under load @ 68C. Not bad! For AVX loads I run AVX -2 to keep temps in the 78-82C range. Again not bad at all for an AIO. Max VRM temp I saw was low 50s with AVX loads. That's just great. The nice part is getting that active cooling on the VRMs while offering some measure of good looks (I hate the look of fans just added about the motherboard without looking integrated).

    Overall the RYUJIN 360 surprised the heck out me. Cools the CPU nicely for an AIO cooler. Cools the VRMs extremely well. And you get both of those things with some manner of style...I do like the OLED panel. Not the prettiest block out there...but darn effective. I also liked how easy it is to control the pump, pump fan, and rad fans from silent to full throttle through AI Suite with custom fan curves.

    Solid AIO Cooling
    Excellent VRM Cooling with an AIO cooler
    Easy Controls with AI Suite on an ROG motherboard
    Nice OLED Panel
    Integrated RGB with Aura

    A bit "chunky" looking for a modern AIO pump/block
    Unclear instructions and vague regarding what software to download to run the unit
    Live Dash RGB functions conflicts with Aura
    Very Expensive for AIO cooling

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