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    ROG Strix GL702ZC question regarding the COD4 game rewards

    Is my model able to qualify?I looked and could not find out if it does and what to do....
    Any information about what I need to do if I can qualify would help??I bought mine back in july.

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    Angry COD BO4 - Your SoL Mate - Rigged - Consumer Complaint & Class Action Anyone?

    Hi Mate, I just seen your post on here as well. The Redemption Process for COD BO4 was rigged and did not function for a good portion of buyers. It is unfortunate, but Asus has refused many times to assist and still refuses to honor their mess-up..

    Hi All,

    I wanted to reach out to the forum and community to see if anyone would be interested in filing pursuit on an action against Asus for their deceptive and rigged advertising and redemption process?

    I know several others have stated concern and issue, but has anyone actually done anything to legally reprimand this situation? I have been going back and forth with half ignorant phone agents and have gotten no where for the past year. Has anyone else has these issues and interested in possibly filing dual complaints or a joint complaint? I had roughly 2 months before the offer expired to claim and attempted to do so several times with no success. (My model was included in the promo but was not shown on the site for download - i.e. Model was grayed out)

    I understand it is just a game, but this was one of several issues from Asus and I'm mostly interested in doing this to prove a point! A point in that consumers like ourselves, spend hundreds and thousands on their machinery and they just keep ripping us off every little chance they can. When is enough truly enough. My feelings are based on the princple alone.

    Giving you are interested, let me know through here or PM/DM me.


    To Asus Staff -

    Why, after hundreds of consumers have lodged complaints and cast issues regarding these matters, has Asus not responded and provided resolve? Why has Asus left us, buyers of your thousand(s) of dollar piece of machinery, high and dry, when it was Asus that promised us this game as an incentive to buy your product!?

    Why has our questions and complaints went unheard and why hasn't Asus at least attempted to make things right? This is why your being sued over the faulty POS batteries in a couple other models. Had Asus listened to the Consumers, fixed the issue correctly and made things right, Asus would not have been in the position it is now, paying out MILLIONS of dollars back to the Consumers.

    I'm giving Asus 1 Month to respond to my emails. After, my complaints will be filed with the FTC and the FCC for violations on both fronts, as well as my in-state commissioners office and the BBB.

    I have roughly 86 signature supporters and I hope to find more of my Gaming Pals on here to do their part in bringing this to the forefront of your enterprise. We Want Our Dues and What Is Owed!

    Enough IS Enough! I have paid Asus over $30,000.00 USD through the years on new machinery, phones, accessories and the entire lot of bonus gear. One would think, that a $100.00 USD game at the time wouldnt be too much of an issue.

    -- A Pissed Consumer!

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