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    Asus ROG GL553VE total dissapointment, The old GPU driver problem


    It's been an year since I've bought this product and ASUS still hasn't fixed the driver problem when the laptop is swithcing between integrated GPU and dedicated GPU. It is really annoying because I spent money on a product and I can't benefit it as I should.

    I tried all the fixes I've found in the forums and the ones which were suggested in client support (windows reinstalls, bios updates, driver updates, driver downgrades, driver removal, selecting GPU proccessor in nVidia control pannel etc.) and the only progress I've made in the past is getting rid of the blue screens. (tried each one separately, reinstalled windows few times for almost each "fix").

    But the dedicated GPU is still failing each time I alt+tab a game, or ocassionally when I close games, and more recently after I use Lightroom for more thant 4 minutes is the dedicated GPU fails again (and does that -1 degrees temp in Gaming Center we all get), so I can't use Lightroom anymore..
    Each time I have to restart the laptop to reset the GPU.
    This is not tolerable anymore ASUS

    Everybody confirmed this is a driver problem, either from microsoft, either from the makers of the GPU hardware, I don't care.
    ASUS is not taking a minimum of interest in providing support for it's clients.

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